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Franciscan Hospitaller Mission
To live the franciscan hospitaller mission today, is, before anything else, to look at each person as a brother, a sister, guest to love and to receive, to care for, to warm. Our world suffers many pains, is covered with innumerable wounds: individualism, isolation, uncontrollable struggle for power and accumulation of wealth, devaluation of the human person, uprooting, exclusion, meaninglessness; the logic of utilitarianism in social relationships; the logic of profit, in the institutional relationships.

Hospitality as mission is prophecy of another possible world, by the gestures and practices that inspire and which could be an evangelical answer to the wishes and the thirst of humanity: respect, proximity, welcome acceptance, listening, care, consolation, valuation of life in all the situations and circumstances, inclusion of all in the same embrace of merciful hospitality.
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